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Unblocking limiting beliefs, self-awareness, and unprogramming as a musician.

We spend years programming data into our brains in regard to our studies, interests, and desires. But as we grow we can subconsciously take on direct influences from our surrounding environments along the way. These influences may be beneficial at times but in certain situations can be holding us back from reaching our highest self. Several 'blocks' both big and small may include self doubt, low self worth, and limiting beliefs sprung onto us in our overall environments and surroundings.

At birth many of us are born with a clean slate before we utter our first words or sounds. As we go through each stage of life we are influenced and conditioned by the environment around us. We evolve by forming habits and conditioning from the influences of our family, friends, teachers, resources, media, even commercials, and people of power. All of these elements have an effect on both our subconscious and conscious mind.

None of these are initially bad for you but without realizing the potential blocks picked up along the way it could be withholding you from what you want and deserve in your own personal path.

A brief example can be something in regard to a parent instilling their beliefs on a child - the parent may hold a limiting belief that art = just a hobby (rather than art as an option for a fulfilling career) the child may evolve with that belief system and not reach their full deserving potential. An embedded belief in the brain can carry on as default programming as we grow. A place to start with unblocking and becoming more attuned to the subconscious is the art of self-awareness. There are many interesting ways to unblock the subconscious and to further expand our brains and mindset even by neuroplasticity.

A small block that had previously come up for me was: resting = no improvement to my studies; in addition to the feelings of guilt behind that word and action. With more awareness I began to understand that rest really means restorative - something all humans need in order to sustain a life. It brought my focus initially back to where have I possibly picked up this small ‘block’? In undergrad, rest was not a common word whispered near the practice rooms. I had conditioned myself during college that taking more rest or leisure would delay my musical progress and to keep very busy was to further improve it -- wrong! We sometimes put too much energy or significance behind certain words but with self-awareness we can slowly unblock it to find our best balance.

Think of a blank sheet of paper. As you grow up from childhood all the way into adulthood that paper becomes full of writing, scribbles, words, ideas, traumas, solutions, wins, losses, opinions, wounds, beliefs, positive and unfortunately negative aspects sprung on us. The complete human experience is full of twists and turns but what if we are able to unblock some of it in order to reach a higher self and obtain the life we desire?

Without realizing the conditioning brought on by others we won’t be able to detect it. In college, students like to discuss test scores, grades, results of placement auditions, how much they practice, how little they practice, how stressed they are, what auditions and competitions they are applying for and even how much money they have left in their bank account. I am guilty of a lot of this talk and I allowed myself to further engage with it more often than what was helpful for both sides. These situations can create small unrealized blocks in addition to unnecessary anxieties long term. When we speak from ego, insecurities, and limiting beliefs we are projecting on others what may be lacking in ourselves. Being open, receptive, holding good intentions for others (and yourself!), and to look for the inspiration from each other rather than the counterproductive worries that may not serve you to your highest self.

As always be patient with your personal journey but most importantly be kind to yourself.

There are many accessible resources and platforms out there that will speak differently to each individual. I’ve posted the resources below to help further expand you on your journey into your highest unblocked self:

Science, psychology, and research based tools and resources:

Neuroplasticity - Dr. Tara Swart  (books, podcasts, online resources)

Brain Science  - Ginger Campbell, MD (podcasts, books, online resources)

Biased - Jennifer Eberhardt, PhD (books, articles, online resources)

On Being Certain - Robert A. Burton, MD

Empowerment, habit forming, metaphysical, and mindset tools and resources:

Reframe Podcast - Jenna Zoe (podcasts, articles, online services)

Zero Limits - Joe Vitale (books, online resources)

To Be Magnetic - Lacy Phillips (articles, online services, podcasts, videos)

Feel Good Podcast - Kimberly Snyder (podcasts, books, online resources)

Expanded Podcast - Lacy Phillips

Atomic Habits - James Clear

Grit - Angela Duckworth

The Happiness Hypothesis - Jonathan Haidt

© Michael Alampi - Unblocked Musician


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