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Authentic code, exploring your passions, declutter & unblock unknown capabilities to more possibilities.

One is never limited to a single passion, focus, career, or path and it’s never too late nor too early to explore. Firstly, think about what ‘lights’ you up. We often battle between logic and reason when we think about what we really want. We talk ourselves out of trying something new, going for an audition, or even at times withhold ourselves from exploring a new outlet or challenge for fear of other people's judgement (which in the end is truly our own judgement!).  We immediately block the spark and further potential of something new from evolving because of reasoning in our mind. Look around at what you read, follow on social media, the items in your home, your daily tasks, and the people you regularly communicate and surround yourself with. Like Marie Kondo says - does it spark joy in you? Similarly to decluttering the home, we have to declutter the mind from any further conditioning and or self-limiting beliefs picked up over time. We can peel back the onion layers to further discover what else is burning inside of us to carry on expanding our capabilities into greater possibilities. Although social media has allowed us to connect more than ever it can also further disconnect us from ourselves if we allow it to. Trying to keep up with what everyone else is doing by comparing yourself to others can only distract from all the good energy needed to cultivate your own unique path. By recognizing others through inspiration and understanding over competition or comparison - it can only allow for more flow and greater abundance in the unfolding of your authentic journey ahead.

Links: Unlock Authentic Self Article Unlock Passion Article MindWise Article © Michael Alampi - Unblocked Musician

© Michael Alampi - Unblocked Musician


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